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How to Improve your Workout with the Right Gym Trousers?

 We’re sure you’ve probably come across the saying “dress for success.” This motto is commonly observed for the professional world but how much does it apply to fitness and athleisure is a thought worth pondering upon. The urge for quality driven gym trousers isn’t just a fashion fad to appear your best. The right gym trousers are actually an investment that’s driven to improve your fitness performance. They’re designed in a manner that has proven to bring out the best in the wearer. So just in case you feel guilty or simply can’t get over the buyer’s remorse of making a purchase on the best gym trousers this season, we’re counting down the reasons why they were worth all your...

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5 Reasons Why Wearing a Sports Bra is Important For Active Women

  Staying fit in Pakistan is no longer limited to adopting crash diets. It’s more related to incorporating a healthy lifestyle where working out is just as important as eating right. And for many women out there today, getting your workout gear on point is so important for so many reasons. While many of us attempt to save money when it comes to buying the right workout clothes, there are a few wardrobe basics that you shouldn’t be skimping upon. And it’s the sports bra that tops the list. So here are the top 5 reasons why wearing a sports bra is so important during a workout routine. Let’s take a look. 1) They eliminate that discomfort factor Whether you...

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5 Ways PSL is Creating Sports Fitness Awareness across the Nation

And it is happening here! The biggest dream of Pakistani nation comes true. For Pakistani sports fans across the globe, PSL has begun with a bang and the cricket fever notion has managed to engulf the whole nation. With both men and women, the elderly and kids included, being glued to their television screens, it’s no surprise as to why this form of productive entertainment is so popular.   Comprising of the best cricketers in both the local and international cricket scene, the PSL tournament deserves due honor and recognition for reigniting that long lost sports fitness fervor and strive across millions in the nation. And in case you happen to be wondering about what we’re exactly referring to, we’ve...

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Best Winter Gym-wear deals to grab this Black Friday!

For all those who have been ‘up all night to get lucky’, DABS is not only here to help you spend less, but also spend smart! This week, save on everything you need, all at a single stop! Offering huge savings on stuff you actually want, nobody does Black Friday like DABS and here’s why: 70% off DABS Hiper-vent range! Aren’t you sick and tired of paying huge bucks to international spearheads for their gym wear, and still being able to buy only 3 to 4 articles per year? Why not switch to a local brand that offers the same high-end quality at reasonably low prices? DABS is the first brand in Pakistan to introduce a range of functional fabrics like...

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