5 Reasons Why Wearing a Sports Bra is Important For Active Women

5 Reasons Why Wearing a Sports Bra is Important For Active Women



Staying fit in Pakistan is no longer limited to adopting crash diets. It’s more related to incorporating a healthy lifestyle where working out is just as important as eating right. And for many women out there today, getting your workout gear on point is so important for so many reasons.

While many of us attempt to save money when it comes to buying the right workout clothes, there are a few wardrobe basics that you shouldn’t be skimping upon. And it’s the sports bra that tops the list.

So here are the top 5 reasons why wearing a sports bra is so important during a workout routine. Let’s take a look.

1) They eliminate that discomfort factor

Whether you indulge in high impact exercises or simple low impact ones such as walking or stretching, sports bras help to eliminate that discomfort factor in more ways than one. Imagine performing a workout where your breasts aren’t held still in one place- super uncomfortable is probably how many of us would sum it up as.

The function of a good performance sports bra is to provide the wearer with just the right amount of support during any form of motion or movement. A regular bra wouldn’t be able to offer adequate support, leading to long term physical injury. This can include tension in the shoulder region and severe back pain with general discomfort over a certain period of time.


2) Helps in reducing breast pain

Have your breasts ever felt sore after performing a vigorous workout routine? Well many of us who train at the gym know that feeling but tend to ignore it by all means. But you’d be surprised at how dangerous the above mentioned symptom can actually turn out to be.

During a workout, the breasts’ muscle ligaments move in all directions. This can lead to tissue damage and even the possibility of ligament rupture when necessary precaution isn’t maintained.


3) They get rid of those unnecessary nasty stares and drooling faces

Living in a society where staring has become a habit, it comes as no surprise that women are constantly on the search for ways on how to rid those constant stares at their chest region when playing sports or running on the treadmill for example. There’s no simpler way to curb this menace than by wearing a sports bra that keeps your breasts firmly still and prevents them from bouncing all over the place.

4) Assist in reducing the likelihood of long term sagging

Research has proved that when breast movement is combined with a lack of support, younger women are setting themselves up for long term sagging. Premature sagging should be avoided at all costs, especially from a cosmetic point of view. What better way of doing so than by using a sports bra?


5) Eliminate the possibility of developing stretch marks on the breast area

Breast connective tissue injury is a common occurrence in women who don’t provide their breasts with the right amount of support during high intensity workout routines. When your body undergoes tissue damage, it produces stretch marks which are so difficult to remove. Women who wear a sports bra while exercising eliminate the possibility of tissue damage occurring in the first place, let alone the development of stretch marks. It’s as simple as that.


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