Being a Desi Foodie and Achieving the Fitness Goals –the Never-ending Struggle!

Being a Desi Foodie and Achieving the Fitness Goals –the Never-ending Struggle!

Growing up desi means food is our top priority. It is so delicious I mean, who could possibly resist it? Be it the usual serving of daal chawal and chutney, or a plate of scrumptious biryani, we live and breathe food. Every year most of us start off with certain fitness goals that usually go out the window the second we lay our eyes on some samosas. It is a constant struggle. A month or two in, most of us just give in.

Losing weight is not as effortless as some might say it is. You have to be active and you have to be aware of your dietary requirements and what you are eating because if not, all your hard work could be going to waste. After all, you are what you eat. Our prevailing sedentary lifestyle is, unfortunately, the cause behind the numerous diseases we are suffering from as a nation. The question remains, where and how does one start this journey without giving up on our favorite food items? Here’s how.

1)A Desi Diet Plan

First, start with a basic diet plan. Know your calorie intake. It gets a little difficult with Pakistani food because our flavors are quite complex but it is nothing you can’t accomplish. A diet plan will help you stay on track whilst allowing your body to get all the necessary nutrients. The best thing is! You can have masala daal without loads of butter and it still tastes better. You can stuff yourself with tandoori chicken and it won’t raise the weight needle at all. So basically, you just have to omit starch, sugar, and fats, and that extra quantity of chapaatis; pay some extra attention towards what you should eat and your love of Pakistani cuisine goes on.

2)Stick to your Regime

Second, know what your metabolism is like. Some of us respond to any changes in our diet really fast and you can see visible results in a matter of days. Others amongst us are a little unfortunate because our metabolisms are slow hence our weight loss journey is more tedious. Do not get disappointed and lose hope. Accept the reality and keep trying.

3)Attitude surely Counts!

Third, have a healthy mindset. If you are prone to stress eating or emotional eating, start making changes now. A healthy body is directly linked to a healthy mind. Stay self-aware and have a positive outlook towards life. You will reach out for junk food less and feel healthy from the inside. And of course! That once weeks cheat meal is there to fulfill you cravings.

4)Control! You are your own Boss!

Fourth, practice portion control. Dieting is not for some of us. We get cranky and unhappy and let’s be real, we miss regular food. The ideal way to have the best of both worlds is by controlling your portion size. You can work out all you want but if you don’t control your portions, all that exercise will not help.

5)Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Fifth, start getting more active. On a sudden hormonal drive of motivation –most of us just get up, go to the nearest gym, bust out your gym clothes, and work out till you can’t breathe –and then lay lazy for weeks. That’s not the way. You should follow this regime but on a more slow and steady way. Start with the basics so you can build up your stamina. A half-an-hour workout on daily basis with an active lifestyle can surely help. Take the stairs, go for an evening stroll, clean your stuff yourself are your baby steps. The key is to stay persistent and motivated to do better each day.


Finally, do not look for a quick fix. Set a long term goal by drawing a plan. Losing weight is a slow process that does not happen overnight. Stay strong and positive and you will find yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle without giving up on your desi favorites.

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