Stop wearing these 6 Clothing items at Gym

Stop wearing these 6 Clothing items at Gym
The Definitive List of Items You Should Not Wear at Gym
Joining a gym is an experience to say the least. Not only is it quite literally physically stressful (Hello, stiff aching muscles. I have not missed you.), but it is also emotionally traumatizing. Gyms used to be a safe haven for people who weren’t exactly the most satisfied with their body type. It was the only place where bathing in sweat was socially acceptable. You could wear anything and not care. Times have changed though. Athleisure has revolutionized the world of workout wear and it’s quite honestly the best thing ever because let’s face it, who doesn’t love comfortable sweatpants? There are still people who are not aware of the absolute visual abomination their workout clothes can be. Not only that, they can harm your health without you even realizing it. Following is an assortment of gym clothes that no one, I repeat, no one should opt for. Please do everyone a favor and steer clear of these items.
1) Say No to PJs
Sleepwear is casual, comfortable, breathable, and just basically amazing. It is quite tempting to wear them everywhere especially when going to a gym where you need to be comfortable and relaxed but pajamas to the gym are a no. It’s sloppy, unprofessional, and lazy. Steer clear of them, thank you very much.
2)   The ‘Not-so-Gym’ Clothing
Denim jeans, cargo shorts, cotton pants and even non-stretch t-shirts. How does one even manage to breath in those things? Not only is it visually quite displeasing, but it is also very harmful for your health. Whilst working out, the body gets heated up and naturally radiates quite a lot of heat. If that heat is not propagated properly, your body could overheat reducing your workout capacity. Not to mention the rashes and itching. Please put your not-so-workout gear away. What is worse than inappropriate clothing is fabric that does not stretch. Please allow your body to breathe.
3) Inappropriate Footwear
Perhaps one of the most crucial parts of a workout ensemble are your shoes. Exercise places a lot of physical stress on your legs and feet specifically. If your shoes are not workout appropriate (soft, comfortable, thick padding, etc.) it is time you get your hands on some. Continued stress on the feet will not only lead to joint pain and back complications in the future but you will also feel tired quicker because of the lack of comfort and support. Slippers and Sandals are a no no (yes aunty in the Kolhapuri flats, I’m talking to you). Same applies for heeled shoes or boots. Just get a simple pair of sneakers. That’s it.
4) Desi Clothing
 Just like too much revealing doesn’t fit in the gym environment, the lawn kurta and Patiala shalwar also count in the in-appropriate gym clothes list. From shalwar kameez to burqa, the traditional dressing at gym is a big NO for God sake!
5) Dupatta Modesty Overload
All girls’ gyms exist. They are not as much of a foreign concept as people think it is. Wearing a dupatta is a monumental part of our culture. A Pakistani woman’s image is incomplete without one. The part I am against is wearing it to the gym, It is really inconvenient when one is burning all away all those roghni naans. Not only that, with a dupatta, there is a possibility of serious physical injury because a dupatta might cause you to trip and fall. So please put that dupatta away from your fitness gear, sweetie.
6) The Same Clothes Everyday
Personal hygiene is something that should be on the top of everyone’s priority list regardless of age, gender, or profession. Exercise releases copious amounts of sweat which eventually gets soaked into your clothes. We all have friends who wear the same clothes to the gym every single day, I’m sorry sweetie, but you need to stop. It’s disgusting and it’s unhealthy as it can possibly trigger certain skin reactions due to prolonged contact with sweat. You need at least two pairs. Alternate between the two and make sure you wash them after every session. Do yourself and those around you a favor. Buy extra sets of gym clothes and please change your gear every day.
Here’s What You need to wear at Gym

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Coming to all the things that one can wear at all times to the gym: comfy sweats made with sweat absorbent fabric, moisture wicking anti bacterial, stretchable fabric such as jersey, lycra, etcetera, sports bra for women, fitness wear that are your actual size, proper workout footwear, need I go on? Let’s all vow to make this world a better place by making this one individual effort. Thank you very much.

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