The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym

The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym
It is just another day in your life. You wake up and get ready to start your day. You pull out your favorite pair of pants along with a cute top you luckily managed to snag for yourself before that aunty on isle 3 got her hands on it. It’s been a few months since you bought it so why not just wear it today? You try it on, excited, with a vivid mental picture of you looking like you just walked off the runway. You’re shaken awake from your day dream soon after. “Wait, hold on. What is going on? Why can’t I seem to fit into this gorgeous top that I purchased only a few months back?” you think to yourself. Well, I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but looks like you just put on some weight. Before your Khala, Nani, mohallay ki Phupo start fat shaming you publically at the next shaadi, it is time you consider paying a long overdue visit to the most interesting place on earth: THE GYM.

If you are one who is prone to binge eating samosas slathered in green chutni along with copious amounts of Pakola to wash it all down, this post is for you. Joining a gym is quite an experience of its own. As intimidating as it may be to reveal your unfiltered self to the world in not-so-appropriate gym clothes, sweaty and without makeup, there are a lot of perks that come with it; number one being the kind of people you encounter at the gym. Allow us to walk you through this interesting group of people. Perhaps maybe you could identify yourself as one after relating to them.

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1)The Selfie Junkie

Every gym has a selfie junkie. These are the annoying creatures who literally will take the most unnecessary pictures of themselves pre, during, and post workout. These are the people who legit Snapchat everything. From changing into their active wear to stepping on to the treadmill to lifting a dumbbell to drinking water to quite literally breathing. Also, the worst of them all are before and after workout selfies on the same day! What kind of miraculous #TransformationTuesday is this? No workout is that effective to shape results on the same day. Please, if you’re reading this, stop. Thank you.


2)The Rishta Hunter

 If there is one thing any girl or boy dreads more than the Apocalypse, it is a rishta aunty. These women live with the sole purpose of finding rishta to marry off to their sons, daughters, or bhanjas or bhatijis etc.

 These women can smell your fear. Just when you feel like you’re in the clear, these women will catch you. What follows afterwards is a bombardment of inappropriate questions relating to a lot of personal information. Sorry, aunty but you’re borderline creepy.


3)The Show off Athletic Beast

These are the people who will downright make you go into a complex for not being enthusiastic enough about your fitness. I mean, don’t get me wrong, staying fit and healthy is great but when one’s passion for something is borderline aggressive, it might be a problem.

These people have amazing, well-toned bodies. They can run for 30 minutes straight on the treadmill without even breaking a sweat. They can lift 20 kilos of deadweight like its child’s play. It’s intimidating. When you look at them you can’t help but wonder, seriously, bro, do you even need to do this?


4)The Free Advice Giver

Beware of that person who poses to be your well-wisher all the time. What bothers me the most, however, is the free fitness advice. Was there a signup sheet I forgot to take a look at before signing? From drinking protein shakes 6 times a day to steroids to switching to lean meals, if you are in search of unnecessary advice, please feel free to contact them. Actually, scratch that. We are quite sure they will contact you themselves. They would actually convince you that you might know nothing about fitness and workout and left you in doubt that why do you even exist? At the end, they always try to sell you their affiliated brands –what a marketing tactic!



5)The Social Butterfly

There is always that one person in the gym who is friends with everyone. The second this person walks into the gym, everyone’s mood gets lifted and they all greet and talk like they’ve known each other since birth. This extrovert social butterfly is at the gym to socialize in order to fulfill his/her dire need to have human interaction. For those who are looking for some alone quiet time, this person is the human embodiment of the devil except in fitness wear.

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6)The Gossip Group

Every gym has a gossip aunty group. They don’t have to be aunties. Guys gossip too, everyone. This group is made up of friends who love to talk smack about others. Their collective energy ignites a weird flame that propagates a chain reaction. No one has ever been able to decipher the spark that fuels the fire for gossip. It is the most spontaneous thing I’ve personally every witnessed. Naturally, this bunch spends more time gossiping than focusing on achieving their fitness goals.


7)The Awkward Newbie

Every now and then you will encounter the newbie who has just stepped foot into the realm of athletic monsters. This awkward creature struggles to fit in because one, they don’t know anyone, and two, because they don’t know what they’re doing. Naturally they find solace in a secluded corner in the gym to delve in their misery. It’s quite adorable actually.

 Well, all these people have their own motives to come at gym, however, there is one thing common in them –the improper gym clothes. In Pakistan, most of the women find sneakers to be their gym-ready code, whether they wear sneakers on shalwar kameez or even on a burqa. And as for men, a pair of jeans and vest is as good enough to go for gym, however, this practice is surely not good at all.


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    The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym– DABS® Fitness Wear

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    The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym– DABS® Fitness Wear

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    The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym– DABS® Fitness Wear

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    The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym– DABS® Fitness Wear

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    The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym– DABS® Fitness Wear

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