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What Your Gym Clothes Say about You

Talking about fitness in Pakistan was a taboo and fat shaming is an attribute that is passed on from generation to generation. One way or other, being fit is the talk of the town. While the whole world has been affected from the idle, tech-savvy lifestyle, Pakistanis have also been influenced with it –and now every 3rd Pakistani is overweight according to a survey. A while ago, going to gym was a new thing! However, it’s becoming a norm in Pakistani suburbs and people are now well-aware of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A fitness gym in sub-continent has 2 kinds of attributes, a place where you can sweat as hell and shed all those flabs plus it’s a fun place...

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The 7 people you’ll meet at every Pakistani Gym

It is just another day in your life. You wake up and get ready to start your day. You pull out your favorite pair of pants along with a cute top you luckily managed to snag for yourself before that aunty on isle 3 got her hands on it. It’s been a few months since you bought it so why not just wear it today? You try it on, excited, with a vivid mental picture of you looking like you just walked off the runway. You’re shaken awake from your day dream soon after. “Wait, hold on. What is going on? Why can’t I seem to fit into this gorgeous top that I purchased only a few months back?” you...

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Stop wearing these 6 Clothing items at Gym

The Definitive List of Items You Should Not Wear at Gym   Joining a gym is an experience to say the least. Not only is it quite literally physically stressful (Hello, stiff aching muscles. I have not missed you.), but it is also emotionally traumatizing. Gyms used to be a safe haven for people who weren’t exactly the most satisfied with their body type. It was the only place where bathing in sweat was socially acceptable. You could wear anything and not care. Times have changed though. Athleisure has revolutionized the world of workout wear and it’s quite honestly the best thing ever because let’s face it, who doesn’t love comfortable sweatpants? There are still people who are not aware...

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Being a Desi Foodie and Achieving the Fitness Goals –the Never-ending Struggle!

Growing up desi means food is our top priority. It is so delicious I mean, who could possibly resist it? Be it the usual serving of daal chawal and chutney, or a plate of scrumptious biryani, we live and breathe food. Every year most of us start off with certain fitness goals that usually go out the window the second we lay our eyes on some samosas. It is a constant struggle. A month or two in, most of us just give in. Losing weight is not as effortless as some might say it is. You have to be active and you have to be aware of your dietary requirements and what you are eating because if not, all your...

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9 Problems Desi Girls Face While Going to the Gym

If you are a desi girl, then you have at one point or another in your life have been either cornered or publically called out for your body by some random aunty at a family wedding. “Beta, have you put on some weight? Last I saw you, (which was probably when you were a toddler) you were so slim. You should join the gym.” Yes, gym, a three-letter word that immediately inflicts horror and triggers a deeply uncomfortable feeling in the mind of every desi girl. The word encompasses every possible meaning of the word struggle. It is in every sense of the word, REAL. 1) Finding the Motivation You want to get in shape, but do you really think...

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