About us

Pakistan’s first ever fitness wear brand –Dabs is a luxury Ath-leisure Clothing brand with a sophisticated fashion twist that is created precisely the way we live today.

Dabs is your one stop shop for all of your active-wear, fashionable fitness apparel, and athleisure needs. With Dabs, you do not have to compromise on comfort. Our signature fitness wear is really lightweight, keeps your body dry and prevent odor –making the whole workout experience effective, enjoyable and pleasantly comfortable.

How it began

"Having grown up in Sialkot, the hub of Sportswear export in Pakistan, put me in a position of advantage. I grew up knowing that the best sportswear brands in the world, like Adidas and Nike, outsourced their production to industries in Pakistan. This meant that the best quality fabric in the world was produced and manufactured here. The products from these brands were then reimported by Pakistan and sold at hefty amounts. This got me thinking, not a single local Pakistani fitness wear brand exists that can claim to offer the export quality fabric. This, right here, was my break!"

Muhammad Adil